Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Photo Helps Widower Get Back On Feet

Pictured here holding a photograph in the same spot where the original was taken in 1916, I stood before all Australian's as a proud though self-made homeless man. Edited by Katherine Flemming, Editor at @the_west (newspapers) I tried to propel myself back to Independence by marketing this photo. The original won Second Prize before Queen Mother at the Empire Exhibition in London in 1917 during world war 1. I wanted above all to test my skills and become elevated through hard work and effort, even as a homeless man just fighting to survive. A few copies were sold and my heart sank because I thought I had failed. Now as I am cared and provided for under the umbrella of our govt, I am donating this photo with all entitlements and copyright to UWA.edu. Perhaps after they have preserved it, they could sell copies to local and oversea's students which may one day pay towards a new science lab or campus facility. History really does have it's own place in time and the only way that people can enjoy it, is if it is properly cared for and housed so that all can take a glimpse of how the past really was.