Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Strange Visit

Parked in a rest area between Kalgoorlie and Southern Cross, a strange unexpected relationship formed between myself and a baby Kookaburra.

They don't usually come within range of humans but as we decimate their habitats, this was a rare chance meeting.

I had just stocked up on foodstuffs at Coles so I had a quandary of items in the car to feed this elegant bird with.

He wouldn't accept fresh bread so logic kicked in and I opened a can of Spam (Meat).

Now that was much to his liking and whilst perched on my side mirror, I gave him a generous helping of tasty meat he appeared to enjoy.

When his table manners subsided, he stood waiting for me to take his picture,he probably wanted to be a Star!

I never imagined the power of photography could be so great that in storytelling, a simple Image added with many others could be used collectively towards saving our wildlife species.

Sir David Attenborough has devoted much of his life capturing raw footage of the Animal Kingdom in a joint effort to inspire us to protect & preserve their habitats, free from poachers and slaughter.

I was numbed when my visiting Kookaburra was accepted at WWF, it isn't something you expect when you do your best for animals and birds.

Be Inspired to belong to something Big, grab your cameras and join into the world of sharing.