Sunday, May 5, 2013

Free Web Extension Picks Out The Most Tweetable Sentences From Articles

Off topic but I thought, apart from sharing the content from MediaBistro, I would pitch in and add a suggestion to Twitter.

I have tried unsuccessfully to impregnate this same idea with Google, so here goes nothing!

If Twitter built a large "Blue Bird" at their headquarters and just below the neckline, they instal a LED Screen which displays the latest #Top Tweets being downloaded direct from Twitter's servers.

In malls and entertainment area's, the same could be built and it would be an #Instant hit for people of all ages.

The benefit's would be, that users and tweeter's don't have to be online or using their mobiles when they are with family or friends, or even enjoying a lunch break from the office.

They can collate and harness the important and relevant tweets they find appealing and when they get home after a grueling day at the office, they will have a calendar spread of the lastest and best tweets to work with.

Why not use the company logo (Bird) and promote your business for a marginal cost of building these displays.

Everybody wins either side of the feather!

Free Web Extension Picks Out The Most Tweetable Sentences From Articles

Friday, May 3, 2013

Virgin Unite - User Profile

As a member of virgin-Unite, I never wanted to get kudos or reward badges for anything I did towards helping others. It's either you are passionate and serious about reducing world poverty because there are real people who depend upon the actions you make.

Take for instance the 'Children's Heart Foundation at Chennai, India;

What we generally take for granted is the difference of survival in many landscapes of poverty and I suppose the real message is, "How connected are You to making positive changes" that will inevitably raise hope and strength to millions.

When I opened 'My Account' I had the same philosophy then as I still have today, nothing much has changed, except that now I don't have the (money tool) to contribute.

I have posted various reference links (not for self-promotion) but as an act of socially minded engagement as to some things I have been able to accompolish in my life, not forgetting the astuteness & dedication of my late wife Sylvia.

Where I am today is exactly where I wanted to be, it's a little rough, but choice decisions in life are final, and I'm happy with that.

Read more .... Editorial thewest:

And you can always contact (Today Tonight):  and get a little more info about who we were.

Virgin Unite - User Profile