Thursday, November 28, 2013

Photo Helps Widower Get Back On Feet

When I hear people around me saying that they can't do anything without money, I really do feel for them.

This Editorial was done on my behalf by the_west newspapers in 2011. I had sold my Mitsubishi Lancer in Albany (WA) and I headed for Perth on a seemingly  long journey, fraught with many obstacles and discoveries.

My first night spent sleeping on a park bench was a little rough on my tired body but I walked around quite a lot on that night, distributing the proceeds from the sale of my car to the homeless.

I went down to my last two dollars, heading for an Internet Cafe in Barrack Street.

Gamble, Luck or Fate, either way I put my life in my own hands because I above all people, believed in myself, and true inspiration formed its own cycle of strength.

Few people although some millionaires have simply gifted their entire wealth to the poor, have got back on their feet.

Some have tried and others have failed. I would like to think my journey was a real chance for self-discovery and belief in the skills I had learned in my lifetime.

I acheived a great many things as a homeless man, even signing Barack Obama's third birthday card, visiting Parliament House advocating for the Rights of 35,000 other homeless people who had no voice of their own, raising $100,000 for the Perth Disability Support Rally and other good tidings that will pass in the hallways of time, all done with just two dollars to my name.

And if one person can do all of this and more, there is simply no excuse why others should give up.

If you believe in yourself, you will attract positive thoughts as you begin your own journey of life.

The photograph you can see me holding, with the Auditor General in tow and a family lawyer, I almost had my very own ABN and business partnership because of it and intended sales.

My Dream was to allocate %20 of all sales to Telethon but because of loss of Interest by the Australian public, I rescinded the partnership due to poor sales.

That left me on a boat without a paddle and despite the wrath of the government, because both my wife and I both agreed to give our assets away, I really felt naked and vulnerable. But in this life I have, I was willing to take the biggest risk, albeit whatever the outcome.

As I look back, I think Sylvia and I could have done things a little better than we did but we wouldn't have changed anything for all the money in china. That's just who we were.

A number of prominent buyers were on the list, including DK Lillee Promotions in Subiaco.

Recently, I made a 'Deed Of Gift' to UWA in the hope not just for preserving the original photograph but in years to come, through their sales to students here in Australia and abroad,one day in the future they might have  the funds to build a new science lab or faculty on campus.

Dare To Dream, but dreams do come true if you have the right mindset and determinable strength to put Words into Action, nothing is impossible.
Frank Burns

2013 ;-)

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Superpages - Location Finder

You can Save at the Gas Pump by going to: and that's good for motorist's, but when you are on the go you need a reliable mobile App to find exactly what you are looking for. Try #SuperPages via Google Play Store and give it a whirl! :

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Kingdom Of Kandy - Sri Lanka

According to an Email from the Western Australian Museum, the recent donation of a Persian plaque by me is known to be from Sri Lankan mythology.

The plaque or (bronze plate) could be between the 14Th - 18Th century.

Either way, I advocate all recognition to both my late wife Sylvia and her father, Frederick George Baker, for protecting this symbol in safekeeping over the duration of their lifetime.

Finally, this plaque has found a resting place where future generations may experience a connection to ancient history.

For my own undertaking, I was just the delivery man.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Online Privacy Concerns

I make the point as obvious as it is to every Google user, that by sharing our personal information, Identity with them whilst using their propietary software "means in torte", we give Google unrestricted access and consent to  use our details as they see fit.

In the mobile age of communication new parameters are at play and if users are uncomfortable, they have the option to close their accounts if they wish to.

I stand firm of my opinion for NSA regulatory monitoring, given early access to certain keywords entered by users on subject matter of chemical compounds, will aid the NSA with crucial analysis of a likey incursion or threat.

We must remember, our very existance and lifestyle has been compromised and in order to protect & defend, early warning systems need to be in play before an event, not after.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Strange Visit

Parked in a rest area between Kalgoorlie and Southern Cross, a strange unexpected relationship formed between myself and a baby Kookaburra.

They don't usually come within range of humans but as we decimate their habitats, this was a rare chance meeting.

I had just stocked up on foodstuffs at Coles so I had a quandary of items in the car to feed this elegant bird with.

He wouldn't accept fresh bread so logic kicked in and I opened a can of Spam (Meat).

Now that was much to his liking and whilst perched on my side mirror, I gave him a generous helping of tasty meat he appeared to enjoy.

When his table manners subsided, he stood waiting for me to take his picture,he probably wanted to be a Star!

I never imagined the power of photography could be so great that in storytelling, a simple Image added with many others could be used collectively towards saving our wildlife species.

Sir David Attenborough has devoted much of his life capturing raw footage of the Animal Kingdom in a joint effort to inspire us to protect & preserve their habitats, free from poachers and slaughter.

I was numbed when my visiting Kookaburra was accepted at WWF, it isn't something you expect when you do your best for animals and birds.

Be Inspired to belong to something Big, grab your cameras and join into the world of sharing.

An Artist's Perspective

I stroked every brush with love and detail depicting the road to crucification on the last day of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Painstakingly ensuring my work was immaculate, I crouched on my hands and knee's throughout the cold of night until I had finnished my masterpeice.

I painted this grecian urn so that a symbol of my faith was ever present.

It was and will always remain a treasured memory.

A Beautifully Designed Italian Family Home

As it was in 1998-99 it still reflects the same grace and quality located at Midvale, WA.

A Very Reliable Mitsubishi-Lancer

In 2010 I had less than 50,000 klms on the spedometer and after selling the last castle in Bruce Rock (WA), I headed for Tasmania.

I drove to Perth before making my epic journey visiting my wife's grave and collecting soil samples to take with me on my travels.

I had a small woden box with an Image of a Polish church engraved and posted from Poland of which, I housed sacred soil, taking memories of a gutsy hard working soul with me.

Everywhere I went I never quite felt alone, I recanted the many things and places I visited with a mark of respect to one I loved so much.

Bob Jane Tyres fitted 15" wheels & rims on the Lancer and it gave better road handling and stability on the road.

It sure paid off in tassy, some of their inter-connecting roads were very narrow around Queenstown, and I was confident I had made the right decision to enhance my car.

For the most part of my time in Tasmania I was handing out donations to the homeless and cherry pickers who flocked over for the seasonal work.

Many were distraught and slept alongside river banks that offered no comfort from the cold.

Over many weeks to follow I travelled several times to Darwin knowing full too well, the time clock was running heavily against me.

I arrived at Alice Springs one morning after driving through heavy rain and thunderstorms throughout the night.

It was still dark with fork and sheet lightning shrouding the town.

I made a very poor judgement by turning off the Stuart highway on a shortcut back road to Hall's Creek via Hamilton Downs.

A hundred kilometers inland, I stopped the car on this very narrow road and the wheels began to sink in the mud.

I had never ventured off a major highway ever before and I realized with the onsurge of rain around me, had I become marooned, I would have had to rely upon rescue teams to save me.

I just turned the car around with much difficulty and as sunrise opened before me, I found myself driving through nine floodways with water levels up to the window.

A flotilla of four wheel drive vehicles approached me from the other direction, flagging me to stop as I would not make it through.

I certainly proved them wrong, the engine conked out on one crossing but I stayed calm and it started without problem.

When I reached the highway, at the crossroads there was a parking bay where I checked the vehicle and cleaned it.

Oddly enough, there wasn't a drop of water on the inside of the car and I praised the car maker for creating a very reliable vehicle.

This is my story of a Lancer ES.

Support Software Writers

Millions of people search through Wikimedia & Wikipedia daily but have you ever stopped to think about the long hours of formatting text and Images for the search results you were looking for!

I donated $100 USD to help Wikimedia's writers stay on top of site costs, not because I had to, but because I wanted to show an arm of support to the foundation.

I never imagined I would be writing a blog on Blogger about anything I did years ago, but it is not just about me, it is about helping freelance writer's continue to provide the best material researchers need to access.

Now that my eyesight is failing, I may as well get my thoughts down and ask the question; Will You Support Open Software so that future generations will have a wealth of Information at their beckon call!

Thank You

Mitsubishi Lancer ES 2003

After my wife Sylvia & I bought an Italian house in the identical street where I now reside under Homeswest, we subdivided the property with a loan from St George's Bank.

After one year of living in this beautifully decorated family home, 1998-1999 we sold it and donated all proceeds to charity.

A few months later our Skyline Ti broke down and we were saved by Glenn at Darwoo Nissan where we bought our first new car, an incredible high performance Lancer ES.

Sylvia had just turned 97 and was full of love and adventure. One morning around 2:30am she awoke me from sleep and said in an alarming tone, "Darling if you truly love me you would take me for a drive", but a long drive.

Two days later with our two bezengie dogs in the back seat we arrived at Lake Kunnunarra.

So in many ways, Esanda Finance and Mitsubishi helped fulfill 'Our Dreams'!

Thank You MITSUBISHI for your advanced technology at that time in our lives. :::

Open an Adsense Account & Donate Your Earnings to World Charities.

If all Google users took the time to open an Adsense account, over time as your earning metrics grow, wouldn't it be something to watch how your efforts are building towards a global fund.

Add in Plaxo and Squidoo, a few Hubpages and products and experience a world phenomenon not seen before. If all it takes to defeat Poverty is one sound Idea, we could comfortably sleep at night, knowing that we used our lives in the best manner we could to save mankind. #thinkingwithgoogle

Listening To The Right People

I should imagine with cyber security threats being as high as they are, some would prefer to avoid guest speakers on the topic but I kept my ground, wanting to learn about how to do things the right way.

Sound Advice is far and few between online and if you find a mentor that teaches best practices, you can't go wrong. I appreciate commonsense and the time Matt devotes to his keynotes.

Help Petey get a Van for his Birthday

Whilst I was living at Bruce Rock, WA I received a request in an Email from someone in America.

At the time, I was a member with the Tyra Banks Show and I recall reading an article about Motor Neurone disease or Dysostrophy. I immediately responded to the request by simply writing to GMC asking if they and Ford could put their heads together, donating a Van with wheelchair access at the rear.

Sometime later I read that CBS America hosted the giveaway with Oprah Winfrey in attendance. I donated an Adword software product to help Jason earn a decent living that would support Petey's ongoing medical expenses.

A lot of generous Internet marketers pooled their resources into a "pool" to contribute to his birthday event. Doing something for someone you may never meet helps define the qualities in all of us, thay makes us human.

This was Petey's Birthday Wish.

Define Divine Intervention

In all the sciences, how do we know what is real when we see something out of the ordinary. How could we imagine we witnessed something that is divine, do we have the authority to guess. I'll leave the academic answer to those experts in the field of discovery. Was I justified in taking and sharing this photo!

What An Incredible World

If I had wished for so many twitter followers my account may have been forced closed by their developers, but in the world as we know of it, if our aim to do good is true, then universally we can approach every problem for mankind, by standing united together as 'One Voice'.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


How do we define a professional blog! What works best ... just be yourself and don't try to be someone you're not. I never imagined for one moment that I could ever write let alone publish a blog, that is until I opened an account with Google. I rambled and raved to myself how perfect I wanted my first blog to be like and many times in seeking perfection in my writing style, the further away from realization I became. Testing and tweaking my blog acheived nothing but sheer frustration. As a Guide to anyone wanting to start their very first blog, don't rush in to publish it. Give yourself time to think about the people who may read it and try most of all, to keep a little bit of natural clarity to your topic. One such blog I wrote in 2009 I'd almost forgotten about and it recently manifested itself before me. Form your own opinion if you read my blog but all I ask, is that you try to imagine the odds stacked up against us both. Time was closing the life span of Sylvia and in creating a "time-capsule", it is through that memory I cherish the most.

Captain Harry Baker and Sylvia - 106 Years Ago

To all aviator's and flight crew personnel who may have flown in the Million-Miler's-Club, notably George Burns, O.B.E. at Qantas in Sydney, here is a rare glimpse of Harry and Sylvia 106 years ago. It is strange for me when I remember and pray for Sylvia (De Profundis Prayer) on that my personal memories are thrown aback with images like this. Married for almost 17 years, losing Sylvia, aged at 102 years young. Life is never what we wish for, it is much like the 'Law Of Attraction' because when you least expect it, something wonderful fills your heart with Love.

Photo Helps Widower Get Back On Feet

Pictured here holding a photograph in the same spot where the original was taken in 1916, I stood before all Australian's as a proud though self-made homeless man. Edited by Katherine Flemming, Editor at @the_west (newspapers) I tried to propel myself back to Independence by marketing this photo. The original won Second Prize before Queen Mother at the Empire Exhibition in London in 1917 during world war 1. I wanted above all to test my skills and become elevated through hard work and effort, even as a homeless man just fighting to survive. A few copies were sold and my heart sank because I thought I had failed. Now as I am cared and provided for under the umbrella of our govt, I am donating this photo with all entitlements and copyright to Perhaps after they have preserved it, they could sell copies to local and oversea's students which may one day pay towards a new science lab or campus facility. History really does have it's own place in time and the only way that people can enjoy it, is if it is properly cared for and housed so that all can take a glimpse of how the past really was.

Speed Record Broken - 1926

Harry Baker broke the Speed Record on a Brough Superior Motorcycle near Kalgoorlie, Western Ausralia in 1926. The Sunbeam Motorcycle was also in the race on Lake Perkolilli. Sylvia tagged along and recorded the event of which, I can faithfully write in this moment of time. The Cup is housed along with Harry's portrait in the Kalgoorlie/Boulder Library. I drove from Bruce Rock just to get these two local history items housed at the Library because I knew, community Interest into their own town would spark excitement. I am glad that they have both items and I encourage readers worldwide to build and preserve as much of the past as you can. Not everything has a monetary price tag.

Paddy Whelan Rescued

Both Harry & Paddy just glad to have made the long journey back to Perth after Harry had repaired his damaged plane.

Kalgoorlie/Kambalda Public Library

Captain Harry Baker

Harry flew with A.N.A. and he also flew the Skywalker aircraft on the First Innagural trans-pacific-flight after peace time. His own plane the "Klemm" was used for the perth to kalgoorlie mail run. Harry fitted floats on his plane flying over to Rottnest Island but Woods got the creditation according to Sylvia, my wife and Harry's sister. Harry flew out from Perth to rescue Paddy Whelan who was searching for Lasseter's Reef a gold stream. Landing roughly on a salt lake, his plane crashed ending up in a belly-flop. Using local tree vines he repaired his plane and brought paddy safely back to Perth. This portrait was hand painted by Sylvia and along with a Cup Harry won in 1926, I donated both to the Kalgoorlie/Kambalda Public Library in the same year of 2008 after I lost Sylvia. Watch out for Harry's motorcycle Cup Image, that is another story to write.