Tuesday, November 12, 2013


How do we define a professional blog! What works best ... just be yourself and don't try to be someone you're not. I never imagined for one moment that I could ever write let alone publish a blog, that is until I opened an account with Google. I rambled and raved to myself how perfect I wanted my first blog to be like and many times in seeking perfection in my writing style, the further away from realization I became. Testing and tweaking my blog acheived nothing but sheer frustration. As a Guide to anyone wanting to start their very first blog, don't rush in to publish it. Give yourself time to think about the people who may read it and try most of all, to keep a little bit of natural clarity to your topic. One such blog I wrote in 2009 I'd almost forgotten about and it recently manifested itself before me. Form your own opinion if you read my blog but all I ask, is that you try to imagine the odds stacked up against us both. Time was closing the life span of Sylvia and in creating a "time-capsule", it is through that memory I cherish the most. http://untactical000.wordpress.com