Friday, November 14, 2014


In the days of Spectrum ("not 007"),  we would sit here all night long talking on 27 mhz and uhf friends from Red Hill WA.

It was about three miles north of my location right now where I met my wife, of all places on the Midland Bus - 302.

A short conversation and an offer to help sylvia turned into what local media praised as a remarkable 'Love Story'.💝

I often return here to remember a Love that entered my heart, the only real form of tender love I ever got from anyone.

Every Image/Map location I share has been plotted in love.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Video Services (62 Sites)

It's about time I stopped sharing video links because there is no feedback from anyone, not even a thank you.

Grab your slice of the video Industry and decide which sites from this #list you want to keep.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

A Trust Fund

In 2006 we sold the remaining stronghold property at Paull's Valley, a 16 acre property nestled in the kalamunda foothills.

Venturing down into a rural landscape, Sylvia being of a farming background and my tolerance and love of animals was perfect.

During the first few days after we arrived at Bruce Rock, we chanced upon a local story of the Robin Glass family tragedy.

Both parents had died leaving three children to fend for themselves with little to no help from the public trustees.

Our first reaction to their dillemna was to set up a five thousand dollar #TrustFund where these children, Aiden, Shennae and Cameron would have equal monies to pay for school text books, uniforms and the like upon reaching adolescent age.

In 2012 whilst I was privately renting a unit in Albany WA, I refused to accept housing whilst being on a #priority waiting list until I was satisfied Julia Gillard and Troy Buswell had done more to help accommodate the 35,000 other people waiting for placement.

After their visit and promise to erect a new complex of 35 units on the outskirts of Albany (now completed) I accepted the last offer of housing for the unit which was my home address at Charles Street Midland between sept 2012 - aug 2014.

My next door neighbor of private ownership, Mrs I, befriended me and a lasting friendship blossomed.

One day as we were reminiscing the past, I mentioned the Robin Glass Family.

Mrs.I's sister-in-law's daughter, #S, raised the three children.

When I surrendered my unit back to #OpeningDoors ("Housing WA"), I gifted the total of my possessions not exceeding ten thousand to these very same children who were now at an age of leaving home and my goods and chattles will give them their very own start in life.

Of Charles Street, Sylvia and I bought an Italian house in this very same street in 1998, borrowing $25,000 for a subdivision through the bank of St.George, then selling the house one year later, donating all proceeds to charity.

A little time thereafter we ran out of money, buying our Lancer from Midland Daewoo-Nissan on hire purchase.

I did get to meet Cameron and I removed a gold ring from my finger (bought by installments from Michael-Hill jewelers) entrusting it to him for his future happiness.

This seemingly true story has a final twist, I call it #FullCircle

Written & Edited by myself,
Frank Burns

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

My Searches Using Google Earth

My keyword for this map was #spacex

I think we should take on the legal responsibility of cataloging what our browsing habits are opposed to scattering them across social platforms.

At least this way we become accountable for our actions and this is a good approach towards using Google's products more effectively but in an honest and fair manner.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


4 Havelock St

My Wife's Brother - Harry (Cannonball) Baker

Everything I have recanted online about Sylvia's brother lays right before you.

Historical facts are important and need to be archived for every generation who will walk in our footsteps.

This is the Baker Family Tree.

Monday, November 3, 2014

The Birth of #Apple

I was fascinated by the insights of how Apple first entered into the computer race, how the boys watched nervously as they shopped at a software store for spare parts and just the early beginnings of how it all started.

Steve Jobs started his first job with but resigned when he was given a shared desk, paper clips and a bottle of glue!

He knew intrinsicly that he could do far better and about three months later, he was invited back to show what he could do.

Its been an Interesting ride of discovery for all of us, we certainly evolved at much faster pace with electronics and the digital age.

Heads up also to Google and Microsoft, you've reshaped our learning curve and there is room for improvement where one day, you might all work together towards a common goal. #TheFuture

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Adding a personal YouTube Playlist

Here is one way you can create your own personal playlist simply by adding YouTube video links.

Its a pity you can't build your own Home Library by presenting your #playlist to Google Wallet as an Order.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Google's #DriverlessCar

Ideally, using #dashboardtechnology and a full suite of pre-loaded Google Maps, buyers and rentals of #AmericanRV's could house the driverless features that Forbes have recently announced could be worth billions.

If #destinations were created into portable modules, they would only need to be inserted into the #onboarddevice which would house #Itenarys for select buyers and also for #rentals.

It would simply takeout all the hassles of planning for a trip with pre-loaded modules that, once connected to the dashboard, would feed into the mapping systems.

If there were any short notice changes to #destinations these would be discussed in depth prior to creating each module.

#GoogleDriverlessCar #DriverlessRV

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

His Majesty's Command Bible 1874 Going Home.

I'm amazed at how universal the universe really is. I was just talking to a british tourist here in Denmark WA whilst I retrieved a Bible dated 1874 and presented to Master Harry.John.Smith at Twickenham by King George V.

The man I was talking to stated that his father was a minister at Twickenham.

Believing in the goodwill of others, I entrusted the Bible to Andy which he promised would find its way back to England.

The Law Of Attraction certainly manifests its own power if you have faith.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Mobile Towers Needed For #SOUTHWEST WA

The facts are plain and simple, if there's an accident on the roads down through the @southwest of WA, and there is no connectivity that would help save someone's life, which #TELCO will accept legal responsibility if death occurs!

These perilous conditions apply in a lot of locations around Western Australia and even just one #BlackSpot could mean a higher fatality count on our roads.

The idea is to #SaveLives not the other way round!

I'm #campaigning to all mobile phone user's to #unite and stand up against the shortages of communications we are all paying for on our selected plans or recharge that we're being denied the right of privilege.

How many mobile user's face #outages every single day and whatever the emergency, we really have no option but to #rally for our #communicationrights.




BE PART OF #SOMETHINGBIG - the Framework & Infrastructure we get right today, becomes as part of the Legacy we leave behind us.

Frank Burns - #justanordinaryguy

If I don't ask for help, what might happen next.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

SEO - Adding the dots

I've battled to understand the learning curve about search engine optimization over the years but here's the best kept secret, it was meant to confuse all of us!

If SEO was too easy, it would over saturate web2.0 to the point where it would become less valuable in ranking.

Do your research, find all the #top seo experts around the globe in every language, then write just one page describing their individual services by comparison.

Cross-Linking-Schematics are #key

Feeding The Hungry

During the great depression, my wife and her mother cooked large quantities of soup for the hungry masses of perth (WA).

The soup was poured into a large metal milk container and Sylvia rode horse and cart from Maylands to Fremantle feeding the poor.

Listening to Bob Geldof's earlier attempts towards identifying and taking action to make a difference in the lives surrounded by vast poverty, pre-empted a psychological trigger that forced me to share an account during the worst times of the Wall St collapse that sent businesses under during the depression years.

Thank @npr and @motleyfool for providing their open podcasts.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Social Baker's

Even if we choose to close one or several accounts over the years, we are still the same authors of our posts and we should have the ultimate right to elect how our profile Information is used.

Simply closing a username doesn't stick, what we write and share is a personal reflection of ourselves and the goodness of those who elect to follow us.

Strange Images

I'm just an ordinary person, nothing exceptional about who I am or what I've done in life.

I don't make it an issue to seek religious icons or images that could represent faith in any manner but I have captured Images that needs definition.

I did participate in the burial of a fallen sister and perhaps forces were at play on that day but it is not for me to speculate nor centralize personal opinion to what might have manifested.

I just catalog the Images that appear before me and as perhaps a messenger, I share them with all people of the world.

You can form your own views of what you think you see, I am not nor do I have the authority to make you believe in something that may not exist.

Frank Burns

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Giving Back More

I don't know what people expect of me, I've given everything of myself and still, I hear cries for more.

When my wife and I chose to open our hearts and wallets to make a real difference in somebody else's life, we did so at our own expense and peril.

Today I just have to walk where ever I need to go or just stay at home and do without.

I'll never ask for anything that's just who I am but I would ask of world charities and online campaigns to respect my privacy now that my struggle is just about learning how to cope with emphesema and aging.

You can't keep giving if you have nothing left to give!

Friday, January 3, 2014


I was almost willing to close all my Google accounts but if I had, I would have defeated my original design of donating all AdSense commissions to help world charities survive. I can still have belief in Googles program for the remaining days I have left, it is my hope and vision for future years.