Sunday, November 9, 2014

A Trust Fund

In 2006 we sold the remaining stronghold property at Paull's Valley, a 16 acre property nestled in the kalamunda foothills.

Venturing down into a rural landscape, Sylvia being of a farming background and my tolerance and love of animals was perfect.

During the first few days after we arrived at Bruce Rock, we chanced upon a local story of the Robin Glass family tragedy.

Both parents had died leaving three children to fend for themselves with little to no help from the public trustees.

Our first reaction to their dillemna was to set up a five thousand dollar #TrustFund where these children, Aiden, Shennae and Cameron would have equal monies to pay for school text books, uniforms and the like upon reaching adolescent age.

In 2012 whilst I was privately renting a unit in Albany WA, I refused to accept housing whilst being on a #priority waiting list until I was satisfied Julia Gillard and Troy Buswell had done more to help accommodate the 35,000 other people waiting for placement.

After their visit and promise to erect a new complex of 35 units on the outskirts of Albany (now completed) I accepted the last offer of housing for the unit which was my home address at Charles Street Midland between sept 2012 - aug 2014.

My next door neighbor of private ownership, Mrs I, befriended me and a lasting friendship blossomed.

One day as we were reminiscing the past, I mentioned the Robin Glass Family.

Mrs.I's sister-in-law's daughter, #S, raised the three children.

When I surrendered my unit back to #OpeningDoors ("Housing WA"), I gifted the total of my possessions not exceeding ten thousand to these very same children who were now at an age of leaving home and my goods and chattles will give them their very own start in life.

Of Charles Street, Sylvia and I bought an Italian house in this very same street in 1998, borrowing $25,000 for a subdivision through the bank of St.George, then selling the house one year later, donating all proceeds to charity.

A little time thereafter we ran out of money, buying our Lancer from Midland Daewoo-Nissan on hire purchase.

I did get to meet Cameron and I removed a gold ring from my finger (bought by installments from Michael-Hill jewelers) entrusting it to him for his future happiness.

This seemingly true story has a final twist, I call it #FullCircle

Written & Edited by myself,
Frank Burns