Friday, March 8, 2013

frank burns Google+ Statistics

Google Plus: It's rewarding to have one of three major social media platforms to choose from.

Facebook is a little hard to navigate at times, and all the Intrusion news we hear about, leaves a certain taste of confusion and uncertainty?

Google first started out with #BUZZ, and I thought it was quite good, compared to other programs I had seen over past years.

Google Plus is easy to use, but I would have thought that the developers could have created automatic keyword entries based upon #user-likes.

Having to attach a category field is time consuming, a waste of clock time and a little bit daunting.

The ("circles") are okay, but I think people should only have followers, owing to their particular Interests.

What is the point of amassing millions of followers, if you only get feedback and recommendations from a few hundred followers?

Twitter is the same, following someone just because they follow someone you know, but let's be totally honest and realistic!

Who is really Interested in following who, and what are their reasons for wanting to #tag along?

Is it a #stats thing, because in the real world, very few people follow anyone.

You just gotta #Love Google when you're connected to them, all else is elementary and dull!

frank burns Google+ Statistics