Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Mitsubishi Lancer ES 2003

After my wife Sylvia & I bought an Italian house in the identical street where I now reside under Homeswest, we subdivided the property with a loan from St George's Bank.

After one year of living in this beautifully decorated family home, 1998-1999 we sold it and donated all proceeds to charity.

A few months later our Skyline Ti broke down and we were saved by Glenn at Darwoo Nissan where we bought our first new car, an incredible high performance Lancer ES.

Sylvia had just turned 97 and was full of love and adventure. One morning around 2:30am she awoke me from sleep and said in an alarming tone, "Darling if you truly love me you would take me for a drive", but a long drive.

Two days later with our two bezengie dogs in the back seat we arrived at Lake Kunnunarra.

So in many ways, Esanda Finance and Mitsubishi helped fulfill 'Our Dreams'!

Thank You MITSUBISHI for your advanced technology at that time in our lives. :::