Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Very Reliable Mitsubishi-Lancer

In 2010 I had less than 50,000 klms on the spedometer and after selling the last castle in Bruce Rock (WA), I headed for Tasmania.

I drove to Perth before making my epic journey visiting my wife's grave and collecting soil samples to take with me on my travels.

I had a small woden box with an Image of a Polish church engraved and posted from Poland of which, I housed sacred soil, taking memories of a gutsy hard working soul with me.

Everywhere I went I never quite felt alone, I recanted the many things and places I visited with a mark of respect to one I loved so much.

Bob Jane Tyres fitted 15" wheels & rims on the Lancer and it gave better road handling and stability on the road.

It sure paid off in tassy, some of their inter-connecting roads were very narrow around Queenstown, and I was confident I had made the right decision to enhance my car.

For the most part of my time in Tasmania I was handing out donations to the homeless and cherry pickers who flocked over for the seasonal work.

Many were distraught and slept alongside river banks that offered no comfort from the cold.

Over many weeks to follow I travelled several times to Darwin knowing full too well, the time clock was running heavily against me.

I arrived at Alice Springs one morning after driving through heavy rain and thunderstorms throughout the night.

It was still dark with fork and sheet lightning shrouding the town.

I made a very poor judgement by turning off the Stuart highway on a shortcut back road to Hall's Creek via Hamilton Downs.

A hundred kilometers inland, I stopped the car on this very narrow road and the wheels began to sink in the mud.

I had never ventured off a major highway ever before and I realized with the onsurge of rain around me, had I become marooned, I would have had to rely upon rescue teams to save me.

I just turned the car around with much difficulty and as sunrise opened before me, I found myself driving through nine floodways with water levels up to the window.

A flotilla of four wheel drive vehicles approached me from the other direction, flagging me to stop as I would not make it through.

I certainly proved them wrong, the engine conked out on one crossing but I stayed calm and it started without problem.

When I reached the highway, at the crossroads there was a parking bay where I checked the vehicle and cleaned it.

Oddly enough, there wasn't a drop of water on the inside of the car and I praised the car maker for creating a very reliable vehicle.

This is my story of a Lancer ES.