Wednesday, February 27, 2013

TMZ Catches Sergey Brin's Wife, Anne Wojcicki With Google Glass

A lot of these facts were written in the Ycombinator.pdf that was sent to me but I thought, on the basis of privacy, not to share or disseminate that information. I think both Larry and Sergey have done a wonderful job creating a range of services for it's users and the world populace, Information access and sharing has become widely accepted today and that is a good thing. They deserve to keep moving forward with building and improving Google.

TMZ Catches Sergey Brin's Wife, Anne Wojcicki With Google Glass

Monday, February 25, 2013

I am the target market for the Chromebook Pixel, and I do not get it at all | ITworld

With the new release of #Chromebooks, I wonder if the developers might care to make individual, serialized chromebooks for IT management personnel, Google, Twitter and facebook developers.

Using Google Plus, I don't think it is appropriate to follow certain types of people just because they have shared their profile.

If privacy issues are a growing concern, then one of the best ways of filtering out the 'Bad seeds', is to create personalized versions of chromebooks for high flyers within the Internet Industry.

For example: You could only communicate with Marissa Mayer's or Sergey Brin, if they invited you onto the server that runs and stores their personal information.

If you haven't been invited and you are not a part of the ("Inner Circle"), then you wont have any success at all by trying to link-up with anyone?

It would be a good idea for the Royals and Celebrities, they could simply communicate strictly with their target audience without interferrence or compromise.

Governments might also follow suit because it would be deemed favorable to keep confidential Information away from peering eyes, that might otherwise jeopardize a forthcoming election.

In summarization, as I write this as a suggestion, please don't forget to give attribution to the original story writer from whence this Story originated - { } .

I am the target market for the Chromebook Pixel, and I do not get it at all | ITworld

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Legal firms circle child abuse probe as victims could swamp royal commission | The Australian

On the legal basis of making a 'Claim', each person must take into account, the full set of circumstances owing to the time, place and event.

We must also address the issue that, in years earlier, there were no human resources available to offer counseling for either the victim or the perpetrator and human adaption was limited by the sheer lack of community understanding of such matters.

In the case of physical abuse, I believe that consolidation with the other party is acheivable through open discussion.

It is disproportionate to lobby the government for matters that don't require Intervention and it is also demeaning to expose and undermind the integrity of the other party, to media exposure and litigation.

In my personal case against the Roman Catholic Church (Not Sexual Abuse), I believe in fairness and a calm approach towards consolidation.

There has to room for negotiation.

Flooding media channels with claims isn't the right way of dealing with any matter, be direct and honest about the event and talk the problem through quietly, there is no excuse for loudness.

I instigated an investigation using two state police branches back in 2003-2004 and it wasn't something I needed to advertise.

I approached the demons of the past head-on and in an effort to help me continue on with my life, I found that just by talking and recanting the issue with a mediator or third party, was helpful.

I have not engaged nor am I likely to use any part of the legal system to help ensue a compensation package for my benefit, it will be through a series of measures approved by the church, that will best determine the outcome.

Now that I have been flushed out and I am making a statement of Abuse known, can't you see that communication is the best and most resourceful key, you have as your defense.

Frank Burns
Western Australia  Legal firms circle child abuse probe as victims could swamp royal commission | The Australian

Introducing the new Chromebook

Although Google owners created High-Fibre-Cabling for faster Internet speeds across America, I feel that there may be pockets in remote locations that simply don't have access to anything.

As a way of promoting the new Chromebook and other Google services, I wonder if Larry and Sergey might think about putting a few mobile homes on the road, offering detailed maps and leaflets, explaining all that Google has to offer.

It would probably cost a little to get a few Googler's all set up for a road trip from Silicon Valley to Canada, but imagine how much positive feedback could ensue from such a bold adventure.

Collectively, everyone who participates in this would have an endless stream of fun and memorable photos to add to Google Groups on their return?

If it hasn't been done before, why not?

Introducing the new Chromebook

Monday, February 18, 2013

Baby Styles, Imprints and Designs

To increase higher sales in Manchester, I have a simple idea which I would like to put forward to all Bedding Manufacturer's and Designers. Rather than just selling plain or fitted sheets, say for Toddlers, why not use a graphic designer to imprint a photo of the baby and have it personally printed at cost, to the families who want that style. Additionally, the same applies for a husand and wife, they submit their photos to your store and you arrange to have their Image impregnated on pillow slips and also on sheets and covers. This simple idea would be a hit for newly weds and for special occasions. The possibilities are endless when you think about what you could do, to bring in higher yields and create a stream of endless 'Baby Memories' you could cherish a lifetime over.

The Chrome Vaults:

Here is a suggestion that might bolster Google's profits with unparalled results. If companies consider using Cloud Services to store their financial records, transactions, employee stats, contacts and business venture information in a secure "Chrome Vault" on the cloud, they could update their records for safe keeping. Google engineers could develop an 'upgrade product' as a #Chrome extension, built into a package, business owners would pay for in order to secure a (Chrome Vault). The
Chrome extension
would allow business owner's to update their information privately. Each Chrome extension would have its own (API KEY) with a Signed Key, downloaded to the company after purchase of Google's Cloud Service. The only pre-requisite for every company who elects to secure a vault, would be to convert over to using just the #Chrome Browser. Any other browser would not qualify for this type of Cloud application. I make this suggestion based upon the One Million Dollars set aside for #Chrome ideas that have not been thought of previously, and I am now ready to receive a payment from Sergey Brin and Larry Page, if this suggestion is worthy. There is a Time for Giving but in a two-fold example, there has to also be a Time for receiving.

Real Estate & Google Map Package:

When selling a New or used House, consider creating maps for shopping, schools, hospitals, police, fire, emergency services, transportation and POI's using #chrome and Google Maps. Locking in the geo-co-ordinates and downloading the maps to a home computer and/or gps from the physical location of each property, will greatly enhance each Sale. Using Google's technology and excellent mapping features, you could work out the cost, driving range and time to work out a planned route to and from schools, shopping and ancillary services the whole family will enjoy! Either do the mapping before the sale or offer it as an alternative package, after the sale has been met. The #maps can be easily downloaded onto a home computer or vehicle gps that would help orientate and settle a family into their new location. Good for families and Good for Google? The Real Estate Industry would change overnight and you would set a new platform from which they could launch their Sales using #Chrome and Google Maps.

Where is consumer choice?

Hands up to all those consumers who bought a new laptop or home computer with Microsoft Windows Installed! Did we actually pay thousands for a machine that we own outright and what is this nonsense, that we must have Windows Digitally Signed? Did Microsoft imagine that they were the Owners of our computers and did they even ask us first, if we wanted to allow their software on our computers at all? Where is consumer choice? And I think as a consumer, Microsoft should pay every computer owner/buyer for the right to have their software running on our machines. After all, we are #promoting their arbitary software for their sole benefit! Time for the Rules to Change, we will have Linux and Ubuntu to look forward to as an operating system and finally, we can have more choice in how we use and operate our investment.

Daggers, Political Claw's, Innuendo's & a non bi-partisan Arm of Support from within Australian Political Arena's:

What brought on the eroding cocktail of political abuse that has seen a strong leader in both economics and growth, reach a stage of decay and fallout? Why are the Australian voter's losing faith in Labor, when after all, in the last Federal Election we all wanted to see the end of the #Liberal-Party and the divisional betrayl of in-house faction fighting and political mud slinging aimed at John Howard. Weren't we overwhelmingly satisfied to have a new "breadth of Life" back in Australian politics, when we voted in favor of Labor! So, what's changed in 2013? There will always be shortcomings in politics, especially when those opposite seek nothing better than to derail a stable Government! It is a reflection of themselves as we look back at how poorly the liberals conducted their 'Puppeteering Show' and how they simply "lost the plot", by undermining the economic and strategic significance of John Howard, his degree of Law and his political Integrity and Wisdom? Why has the Liberal Party lost the power of Respect within Australian politics! How do we fare to other countries in relation to the way we conduct our political debates and I ask, if we were to be rated based upon our bi-partisan approach in the way politics should be run in Australia, we would most likely find ourselves with a very poor rating indeed? Julia Gillard has matured significantly during her term of Office, she has been instrumental in delivering a sustainable approach towards middle and low-Income families, Introducing wide sweeping changes to the Australian landscape of politics with future expected growth from our trading partners, and as a mother, she has restored many services to everyday Australian families with better education and future prospects for our growing nation. How many of you voters out there, gained a financial advantage since labor got into office? How many of You have turned the other cheek in favor for a better Australia under the Liberals? Can we really hope or expect to trust a broken minsterial group ("Liberal Party") that almost brought our "Lucky Country" to it's knee's when they held the rein's of power? Are we that stupid, that we are prepared to drop our guard after all that we discovered about how the liberals almost derailed our economic structures and why we felt, as voters, that it was in the Interest's of all Australians, to find a stronger balance of political stability ... hence, Labor was our Choice! As soon as the campaign promotions ceased, out came the 'Daggers & Claws' where we have witnessed a gross barrage of mud-slinging during Question Time? What ever happened to Ministerial Respect and amalgamation from both sides of politics, it is to make our country much stronger, Right? We should never oppose nor should we underestimate the integrity of what each side of politics has to offer, as a contribution towards how well we maintain business economics, sustainable growth factors, human resources and future expenditures based upon present day predictions? How can we be expected to learn from our mistakes, if at the same time, we are blatantly and unreservedly targetted by those opposite! Take for Example, a unified approach towards American politics and how the people, rallied with their Faith in Barack Obama. They realised that just one term of Office allowed for the implementation of 'wide- sweeping-reforms' under the Obama Administration and that it would take another four years, to see the real value of Change come into play. It is the same here in Australia, and we should rally with all our Faith and Respect with admiration, at how well Julia Gillard and her Minister's have carried Australia forward during the Global Recession! Leadership and Qualities: Do we just base the political scale in favor of daily performances by the Gillard Government or do we invest in the quality of her Leadership for the 'Long Haul'? It has little to do with who holds the seat of power, other than how well the country improves. We have seen many good changes under Labor and it would be to our detriment, to lay our Trust in those opposite! What have the Liberal's done towards improving our Economic stability since Labor took office? How well formed have the Liberals become since their earlier days of fragmentation? China, Spain, Italy, France and the USA as well as other countries are hurting because of the Global Recession and the standards we have come to appreciate now, right here in Australia today, are the results of one very brave and gutsy Lady who wont leave politics without a Fight! What could we possibly hope to acheive or gain, if we dump Labor now as our fiscal ecomomy is at it's strongest? What is it that voter's are really after, "strong politics" or a "pre-defined Australia" in their Image? I am Blinding, (glaucoma), but I am not blinded by who is best for Australian Politics and of the future prospects of everyday working Australians and their Families. Choose, but "Choose Wisely" as Your Decision at the next Federal Election will impact upon the lives of ordinary Australian's who depend upon the insight of a stable Government! #AUSpol By, Frank B. Burns

Saturday, February 2, 2013

frank burns Google+ Statistics

Being that we share our Information with Google, I endorse the availability of such with Law Enforcement Agencies.

Since 9/11 the social landscape in how we use media and their platforms have changed dynamically and it is imperative that we allow government agencies to monitor our online behavioural patterns.

What might just be said in a 'fleeting comment' might hold security connotations that, unless monitored, might hold dire consequences for urban and global initiatives.

We forfeit our 'Online privacy' simply by being too relaxed in the way and manner we share our personal Information and it is therefore, freely available for anyone to disseminate. We are vulnerable to any form of attack whether verbal or otherwise, and we do need to look beyond the way we have communicated in the past.

The social-media environment changes every single day, what comfort do we have if we are singled out and targeted by unscrupulous characters whose only intent is to do us harm?

Yes, by all means possible, I encourage other Google and non-Google users to allow a little more transparency with Law Enforcement and Governments if we are to continue to build better and safer social-media-platforms for the future.

frank burns Google+ Statistics