Monday, February 18, 2013

Real Estate & Google Map Package:

When selling a New or used House, consider creating maps for shopping, schools, hospitals, police, fire, emergency services, transportation and POI's using #chrome and Google Maps. Locking in the geo-co-ordinates and downloading the maps to a home computer and/or gps from the physical location of each property, will greatly enhance each Sale. Using Google's technology and excellent mapping features, you could work out the cost, driving range and time to work out a planned route to and from schools, shopping and ancillary services the whole family will enjoy! Either do the mapping before the sale or offer it as an alternative package, after the sale has been met. The #maps can be easily downloaded onto a home computer or vehicle gps that would help orientate and settle a family into their new location. Good for families and Good for Google? The Real Estate Industry would change overnight and you would set a new platform from which they could launch their Sales using #Chrome and Google Maps.