Monday, February 18, 2013

The Chrome Vaults:

Here is a suggestion that might bolster Google's profits with unparalled results. If companies consider using Cloud Services to store their financial records, transactions, employee stats, contacts and business venture information in a secure "Chrome Vault" on the cloud, they could update their records for safe keeping. Google engineers could develop an 'upgrade product' as a #Chrome extension, built into a package, business owners would pay for in order to secure a (Chrome Vault). The
Chrome extension
would allow business owner's to update their information privately. Each Chrome extension would have its own (API KEY) with a Signed Key, downloaded to the company after purchase of Google's Cloud Service. The only pre-requisite for every company who elects to secure a vault, would be to convert over to using just the #Chrome Browser. Any other browser would not qualify for this type of Cloud application. I make this suggestion based upon the One Million Dollars set aside for #Chrome ideas that have not been thought of previously, and I am now ready to receive a payment from Sergey Brin and Larry Page, if this suggestion is worthy. There is a Time for Giving but in a two-fold example, there has to also be a Time for receiving.