Saturday, February 2, 2013

frank burns Google+ Statistics

Being that we share our Information with Google, I endorse the availability of such with Law Enforcement Agencies.

Since 9/11 the social landscape in how we use media and their platforms have changed dynamically and it is imperative that we allow government agencies to monitor our online behavioural patterns.

What might just be said in a 'fleeting comment' might hold security connotations that, unless monitored, might hold dire consequences for urban and global initiatives.

We forfeit our 'Online privacy' simply by being too relaxed in the way and manner we share our personal Information and it is therefore, freely available for anyone to disseminate. We are vulnerable to any form of attack whether verbal or otherwise, and we do need to look beyond the way we have communicated in the past.

The social-media environment changes every single day, what comfort do we have if we are singled out and targeted by unscrupulous characters whose only intent is to do us harm?

Yes, by all means possible, I encourage other Google and non-Google users to allow a little more transparency with Law Enforcement and Governments if we are to continue to build better and safer social-media-platforms for the future.

frank burns Google+ Statistics