Sunday, February 24, 2013

Legal firms circle child abuse probe as victims could swamp royal commission | The Australian

On the legal basis of making a 'Claim', each person must take into account, the full set of circumstances owing to the time, place and event.

We must also address the issue that, in years earlier, there were no human resources available to offer counseling for either the victim or the perpetrator and human adaption was limited by the sheer lack of community understanding of such matters.

In the case of physical abuse, I believe that consolidation with the other party is acheivable through open discussion.

It is disproportionate to lobby the government for matters that don't require Intervention and it is also demeaning to expose and undermind the integrity of the other party, to media exposure and litigation.

In my personal case against the Roman Catholic Church (Not Sexual Abuse), I believe in fairness and a calm approach towards consolidation.

There has to room for negotiation.

Flooding media channels with claims isn't the right way of dealing with any matter, be direct and honest about the event and talk the problem through quietly, there is no excuse for loudness.

I instigated an investigation using two state police branches back in 2003-2004 and it wasn't something I needed to advertise.

I approached the demons of the past head-on and in an effort to help me continue on with my life, I found that just by talking and recanting the issue with a mediator or third party, was helpful.

I have not engaged nor am I likely to use any part of the legal system to help ensue a compensation package for my benefit, it will be through a series of measures approved by the church, that will best determine the outcome.

Now that I have been flushed out and I am making a statement of Abuse known, can't you see that communication is the best and most resourceful key, you have as your defense.

Frank Burns
Western Australia  Legal firms circle child abuse probe as victims could swamp royal commission | The Australian