Sunday, February 24, 2013

Introducing the new Chromebook

Although Google owners created High-Fibre-Cabling for faster Internet speeds across America, I feel that there may be pockets in remote locations that simply don't have access to anything.

As a way of promoting the new Chromebook and other Google services, I wonder if Larry and Sergey might think about putting a few mobile homes on the road, offering detailed maps and leaflets, explaining all that Google has to offer.

It would probably cost a little to get a few Googler's all set up for a road trip from Silicon Valley to Canada, but imagine how much positive feedback could ensue from such a bold adventure.

Collectively, everyone who participates in this would have an endless stream of fun and memorable photos to add to Google Groups on their return?

If it hasn't been done before, why not?

Introducing the new Chromebook