Monday, January 7, 2013

ScienceDaily: Alternative Fuel News

When I purchased a product a few years ago, I had the option of selling it as a 7-part course but then I thought about how useful it would be, to provide Information related to #Alternative_Fuels for free.

Looking deeper into our dwindling fossil fuel resources and the manner in which we consume petroleum based products, I just wanted to help Industries with relevant information that may have contributed towards a lessening of carbon pollution.

It was a No-Fuss attempt to allow our greatest thinker's to find alternatives in Fuel-Cell-Research, Ethanol created by using corn, to how Hydrogen is used at freezing temperatures to fuel our Space Rockets.

It was all a little out of my league, but we do have to find real solutions and alternatives.

In the days of George. W. Bush, this topic was on the highest agenda.

Even such people as Al Gore were deeply concerned with the way we were over consuming.

I still retain my files and I would rather share them if they are useful, rather than over saturate the web with outdated material.

ScienceDaily: Alternative Fuel News