Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Widgets Created By ClearSpring

ClearSpring created two Widgets a few years ago that were designed to embed themselves strictly onto your iGoogle Homepage. The results were astounding and I would like to share these two widgets with you. I owe ClearSpring this mention. Widget 1). Widget_1 Widget 2). Widget_2

Ewan Chia's Website Builder

How do you Build a good Website? You could go it alone like I have and end up with NO TRAFFIC and feel like a Blubber Idiot! Well that pretty much sums all the wrong things I did when I first started toying with HTML. I thought I could do things different from everybody else. What I discovered along the path of Learning was that the way Websites are created, many hidden elements are at play. Templates are vital in the building process and Humans, cannot be expected to know how this works. We therefore rely upon the investment of others to build a product that will simplify the process without the Heart-Ache? Ever asked yourself who you would turn to to seek Advice! There are countless businesses the world over that offer their services to help you build your Website and there's nothing wrong about that. But what if you were shown a link to a Master Mentor, whose main aim is to get your site up & running ....Fast! Ewan Chia taught me to understand how to do things the Right Way, and if you listen to him, allow yourself to relax, you will quickly adapt to the right Mindset and be excited to watch Your Website working properly. Follow through the following Affiliate Link if you really are after a Free Website Builder; Website_Builder

Friday, July 8, 2011

A preview of Gmail’s new look - Official Gmail Blog

A preview of Gmail’s new look - Official Gmail Blog

With the excellent CHROME browser from Google, dominating the web sphere and outdoing all of the other major players, you must embrace change and grab your slice of the new apps their developers are creating to help you.
Chrome Browser is working very well indeed aside of the other Applications including Android and it is the right way of the future to use the best tools. More details from Google; Extensions